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Evolution of Egison Website in This 8 Months

Aug 21, 2014

I have focused on the update of design of Egison website in this half year.
Today, let me look back it.

January 2014

It was a very simple website. I have started the renewal of the Egison website from January.

February 2014

I started to try to design a modern website using Bootstrap.

March 2014

I put a sample program on the top. This twin prime program is my favorite Egison program.
The stargazers of Egison on GitHub started to increase. (Egison is first released in May 2011.)

April 2014

I have decided dark blue as Egison's symbol color.

July 2014

There were little update on the website since April. However, the stargazers of Egison on GitHub dramatically increased. This is because Egison is actively discussed on Hacker News twice in this period.

August 2014 (Present)

I have added the catch pharase "Express Intuition Directly with Essentially New Syntax".
I have added the explanation around the top buttons to encourage users to view more pages.


I'm feeling we've succeed in the renewal of the website. I found the presentation is really important to propagate OSS.
I will focus on developement of Egison and improvement of the paper in the next half year.

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