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Evolution of Programming Languages

May 12, 2014

Today, I'd like to write my perspective of programming languages. First of all, the figure below is my mind map on programming languages.

I think there are three aspects to evaluate programming languages. The first is mathematical abstraction. It enables us to write algorithms directly. The second is computer abstraction. It enables us to control computers directly. The last is human understandability. It enables us to learn and use the language easily.

As you know, I'm currently focusing on mathematical abstraction of programming languages and created Egison. I thought abstraction of data deconstruction is the biggest hole of the existing theory of programming languages.

Egison is pioneering the area in the figure below.

Egison is the first language that realizes all features in the area of the figure above. I believe that the impact of this contribution has as great in the history of programming languages as other historical abstractions such as high-order functions from Lisp and Scheme and automatic type inferences from ML.

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