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The Egison Programming Language

Egison is the programming language that realized non-linear pattern-matching against unfree data types.
We can directly represent pattern-matching against a wide range of data types such as lists, multisets, sets, trees and graphs.
Egison makes programming dramatically simple!

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What's New

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Egison proposes a new paradigm pattern-matching-oriented. The combination of all of the following features enables intuitive powerful pattern-matching.

  • Modularization of the way of pattern-matching
  • Pattern-matching with backtracking
  • Non-linear patterns with lexical scoping

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Pattern-matching against ...

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We aim at intuitive representation of algorithms and formalization of human recognitions.
We believe this is the shortest way to the artificial intelligence.


Developed and maintained on GitHub by the community. License is MIT.


Egison is written in Haskell and being distributed as a Hackage package.

Other Projects

Extend other languages to access Egison pattern-matching!


We have a mailing list!
Egison on Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Rosseta Code, Hacker News, and Reddit. Please check them!

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